Wholesale Stickers

As the pandemic progressed in 2020, the wholesale and import market became so volatile that it was impossible for us to reliably keep any products in stock. We began to look for items that we could depend on having on hand. The answer was to begin producing our own wholesale stickers. It was something we could control ourselves without having to wait for Customs and overseas producers.

Starting with a few designs, we have now expanded to dozens of beautiful stickers! We will continue to add to our collection regularly until we have a huge selection of designs for our retail customers to choose from.

Besides regular bumper stickers and round designs, we also have many die cut, holographic, and new age styles. The zodiac series has proven to be especially popular.

Aires Zodiac sticker wholesale
Aquarius zodiac wholesale sticker
Pisces zodiac wholesale sticker

Why is everything still out of stock?

Over a year since the pandemic began, we still find ourselves in stranger situations than we’ve never been in before. Products that were the staple of our business are unavailable 80% of the time. Anything that we are able to put on the shelves is immediately sold out. When will things get back to normal?

Short answer: it’s going to be a while. Factories in China, India, and other countries have pallet after pallet of completed products, ready to ship, but cannot obtain the shipping containers they need. There is a shortage of containers, or rather there are plenty, but all in the wrong places. With demand for retail products sky high, it creates a bottleneck and slows down restocks even more.

In India, COVID-19 is raging. Our hearts go out to them. We have heard of factory owners who have passed away from COVID, and with all the chaos, expect delays to get even worse.

Truck companies have a shortage of drivers, and sometimes more freight than they can possibly keep up with. This also creates slowdowns. Meanwhile, gas prices are about to rise to possibly higher levels than we’ve seen in decades. This will affect the prices of products across the board.

Global shipping is an extremely complicated spiderweb of connections. It has gotten severely tangled and will take some time to sort out. It may be years before we experience anything like the old “normal”.

In the meantime, we keep our chins up and focus on the positives. There are still products available, even if it is at a trickle. We accept what we can get with gratitude. Previous generations have been through challenges tougher than this. The World Wars, the big recessions, and pandemics. The world goes on, and we make of it what we will.

New Wildberry Backflow Cones!

Great news! The Wildberry incense company has expanded their selection of backflow cones to twelve fragrances! A huge upgrade over the original four scents.

Check out the amazing scents:

What are backflow cones? They are made in a special shape, with a hollow core. When used with a backflow incense burner, the smoke will pour downward through the hollow core, giving a waterfall like effect. Wildberry’s backflow cones are significantly larger than their regular cones, to allow for this hollow core.

We have a great starter kit for the Wildberry backflow cones available! It contains everything you need to get started with them in your store, including the classic wooden display.

New Brand of Chime Candles

New chime candles have arrived! A brand new brand from India! New Age chime candles are all natural and pure, and burn away cleanly with very little wax left behind. The colors are bright and vibrant, and each candle is individually wrapped in plastic to help protect it from scratches or the color from fading.

They come in the usual sets of 20 candles, but the most exciting arrival is the mixed assortment box! It comes with two each of all 10 colors of the New Age candles! It’s the first candle assortment that we’ve had.

Candle Assortment

Candle Assortment

You can check out all our candles here.