Offering bowls and smudge bowls

We have a whole new wholesale selection of offering bowls and smudge bowls. The gorgeous ones made of copper have been around for a while and are already quite popular, so they make a nice addition for any online or brick-and-mortar store.

Copper Offering Bowl

Copper Offering Bowl

Soapstone Offering Bowl

Soapstone Offering Bowl

So what are they for? That’s the great thing! They have so many uses! Besides the basic use of a smudge bowl to hold and put out your sage smudge, you can:

  • Use it for scrying or meditation by filling it with sacred water and gazing upon the moving surface of the water
  • Use it during a ritual to charge candles, water, twine, amulets, or literally anything else you need.
  • If you are making an offering to gods, goddesses, or the ancestors, the bowl is a beautiful and meaningful way to make your offering.
  • It can hold your cakes or ale during ritual.
  • You can use it to mix ingredients, spices, or incense for magical use.
  • Filled with water, it can bring the power of the element of water and/or the Western direction.
  • They also make a beautiful decorative addition to the home.


Celestial Mists – the easy way to smudge!

So we have these wonderful new mists with essential oils, and they’re such a fragrant and fun way to purify yourself and your space! We’ve especially been enjoying “Sacred Dreamtime” with the wonderful sage aroma! It’s like burning a fresh sage smudge stick, except so fast and easy. A few quick mists over yourself, and you feel refreshed and cleansed.

These mists use the essential oils of plants, along with the energy of prayers, to achieve the same effects as the actual plants. The cobalt blue glass bottle holds quite a lot (4 ounces), so each one will last a long time. You can take them with you through your day, or keep one at work, to help refocus and achieve clarity through difficult times.

We have three kinds so far:
Sacred Dreamtime – for protection, clarity, and fearlessness (our favorite because of the sage!)
Heaven’s Delight – for peace, joy, and prosperity (Patchouli lovers will enjoy this one!)
Mystic Garden – for protection, harmony, and wisdom (a wonderful floral with lavender!)

We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

Sacred Dreamtime Heaven's Delight Mystic Garden

Six amazing new fragrances from Wildberry incense!

It’s always an exciting time when WildBerry releases new incense fragrances! They put a lot of work into making sure that their scents are the most pure and intense. So here’s the lineup of six incredible new choices:

Bordello – This might be a new favorite! It’s an incredibly delicious mix of Cocoa and Myrrh. It’s kind of like the Baking Brownies scent, but the chocolate scent is less intense and more sweet.

Sea Breeze – An addition to their family of fresh, crisp scents. Kind of like Ocean Wind or Fresh Rain, it reminds you of a relaxing day at the beach.

Sweet Pea – It’s like the popular Bath and Body Works fragrance! A bright fruity, floral scent.

Vintage – A warm and woodsy scent, and a bit of spice. Puts you in mind of a warm library full of vintage books.

Voodoo – This scent is a tribute to the magic of old New Orleans. Notes of spicy Ginger and Peppercorn mix with a sweet base fragrance.

Wizard – An amazing scent of enchanted woods and spices, this smooth scent will add a little sorcery to your life.

Enjoy the new fragrances! Don’t forget to get the display jars and labels to go with your new scents.

Bordello Sea Breeze Sweet Pea Vintage Voodoo Wizard

Palo Santo Wood – A Surprising Best Seller!

Out of the blue a new product became available. We knew very little about it, but decided to give it a try. When we received our first shipment of Palo Santo wood, the scent floored us. An amazing vanilla tone with hints of pine and citrus. Its fragrance comes naturally from the wood, so it’s more pure than any incense! Just having it sitting nearby is enough to enjoy the scent.

It seems everyone agrees on how amazing this wood is, since it’s selling very well! We have it large bulk 1 pound bags, and a smaller bag of six sticks that has a nice label. Each wooden stick can be burned like a smudge stick. You can burn a little at a time, and then put it out by rubbing the lit end into a bowl of sand or salt. Or you can carve off small chunks and burn it on a charcoal tablet.

The scent helps to purify and cleanse the energy of a person or place, and it is great for meditation. Some find that it helps with headaches.

Palo Santo Wood, 6 sticks Palo Santo Wood, 1 pound bulk