New enamel pins

Our new enamel pins are a fun way to meet your boss’s requirement that you wear the minimum required amount of flair on the job. If you work in food service we especially recommend the Mad Kitty one:

Kitty is mad at you

We also have several pins that will help you express yourself in these politically trying times. We’re not saying they will bring about world peace, but see for yourself. Maybe they will.


Rainbow Flag

Peace with Flowers

Looks like the hippie days are back! Sort of! They retail for $5.99, and each one comes on its own easy to hang recycled paperboard card. The rubber backing is soft and flexible so it won’t irritate you or your customers.

We have many more styles available, and you can check them out here.

Hamsa Hand items surge in popularity!

Recently we have been selling and adding a lot of items with the Hamsa Hand symbol on them, and they are becoming very popular! The Hamsa Hand is an elegant and beautiful symbol from the ancient Middle East.

It represents the hand of God and is a very protective symbol. Like many protective charms, it usually features an eye in the center that represents watchfulness against evil and the evil eye.

We hope you enjoy our selection of wholesale items featuring the Hamsa Hand.
Velvet Pouch: Hamsa Blessing Hand Bedspread: Hamsa Hand Tote Bag: Hamsa Hand

Incense Burner: Flat Hamsa Hand Incense Burner: Lucky Hamsa Hand Polyresin Box: Hamsa Hand

New Dream Catchers

We have a beautiful new selection of wholesale dream catchers available! They are built around a sturdy wire frame, and decorated with small natural gemstones and feathers, and the bright colors really get your attention.

They range in size from mini 7 inch ones, to very large ones with an 8 inch hoop and a total 16 inch length. There are some really adorable shapes available, like peace and hearts.

Check it out! You can see the full collection here.

Moon Dream catcher Peace Dream catcher Dark Blue, mini

New Incense Burners

We got in some new wholesale incense burners made of polyresin! The quality is great, and we have an interesting selection of different designs.

This dragon is really beautiful and the detail is amazing:
Incense Burner: Dragon Holding Skull



There are several new Day of the Dead designs (a hot seller right now).
Black Sugar Skull Day of the Dead Lady



And of course we have a few silly ones just for fun!
Red Tongue Hand-rolled Cigar