Wildberry Incense Sticks: Dragons Blood

Wildberry Incense Sticks: Dragons Blood
    Dragon's Blood, an ancient fragrance made from a reddish plant resin, is said to have cleansing, protective and healing properties. It is a resinous, heady and slightly sweet fragrance that is popular for use in ritual and magic. Since this fragrance was originally released by the Wildberry incense brand manufacturers, it has shot up in popularity to compete with Fizzy Pop as the most popular fragrance! We can't say enough about how wonderful and fast-selling Dragon's Blood is! Every store should sell this incense!
    Comes as a bundle of about 100 incense sticks made by the famous Wildberry brand. Sell them loose in your store for $2.25 for 10 sticks (you'll end up making $22.50 back). Display jars and labels are free, or you can get a beginner's package with our starter kits.
    Item Code: WIX-DRAG
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