Essential Oil Blends

The market for essential oils is booming. Their soft, natural strength is something people reach for when they are stressed out, overwhelmed, or in need of soothing. It’s something people will tend to impulse buy if they see an appealing blend available in a store they are already shopping in. So it’s a wonderful product to have on hand.

Our new essential oil blends are all natural (of course!) and pre-diluted to a low 2% intensity that is ready to wear and use. Essential oils that are uncut are too intense to be placed directly on the skin, and need to be diluted or cut with a neutral plant based oil.

We dilute ours with all natural fractionated coconut oil. The original coconut scent is removed, so it doesn’t interfere with the natural essential oil fragrances. It’s shelf stable for a long time, absorbs well into the skin, and is very hydrating and gentle. Unlike almond and argan oil, it is safe for people with nut allergies.

Celestial Mists – the easy way to smudge!

So we have these wonderful new mists with essential oils, and they’re such a fragrant and fun way to purify yourself and your space! We’ve especially been enjoying “Sacred Dreamtime” with the wonderful sage aroma! It’s like burning a fresh sage smudge stick, except so fast and easy. A few quick mists over yourself, and you feel refreshed and cleansed.

These mists use the essential oils of plants, along with the energy of prayers, to achieve the same effects as the actual plants. The cobalt blue glass bottle holds quite a lot (4 ounces), so each one will last a long time. You can take them with you through your day, or keep one at work, to help refocus and achieve clarity through difficult times.

We have three kinds so far:
Sacred Dreamtime – for protection, clarity, and fearlessness (our favorite because of the sage!)
Heaven’s Delight – for peace, joy, and prosperity (Patchouli lovers will enjoy this one!)
Mystic Garden – for protection, harmony, and wisdom (a wonderful floral with lavender!)

We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

Sacred Dreamtime Heaven's Delight Mystic Garden

INCENSE – How to Make Money Selling It

After many years of wholesaling and distributing incense, here are our top five tips for those interested in selling incense in their store or flea market booth.

1. DO pick a quality brand to sell. Cheapo incense may be okay at some flea markets, but quality will bring customers back again and again. The most famous quality brands in America right now are: WildBerry, Gonesh, Sai Baba Nag Champa, Escential Essences, and MorningStar.

2. DON’T pick fragrances based only on what you would like. Pick ones that have proven to be popular. Ask your supplier for a list showing the most popular fragrances in order. You’ll sell a LOT more incense this way. (For example, Dragon’s Blood incense will sell twenty times as much as a pine fragrance.)

3. Don’t miss out on the profits from incense accessories. Incense burners and ashcatchers are available in a huge selection of styles and prices. Some stores make more money on the burners than on the incense! Scented oils are another great add-on.

4. Burn some incense in the store to get attention. This works very well. Be ready to tell your customers what fragrance is burning, and have some on hand so they can buy it. If you have people walking by the front of the store, try burning some outside to get them to come in. (Don’t burn too much or people with asthma may have problems with the smoke.)

5. Keep your incense display organized and clean. Visitors will get your fragrances mixed up, but take a few moments to neaten it again. Request replacement display materials like jars, labels and signs when they get worn.

And that’s it! You now have the best advice on selling incense. It’s a purely enjoyable and uplifting product that you and your customers will love.