Guide to using a Pendulum

Pendulums are a simple magical device made by hanging a crystal or metal shape from a chain. Despite their simplicity, they are a very useful and powerful tool for wicca and energy work.

When picking a pendulum, seek one that attracts you and feels “right” when you hold it. Your energy needs to be compatible with it. Touch and hold each pendulum as you choose, looking for a change in vibration or temperature, or a change in your energy or emotions.

To get to know your new pendulum, you need to talk to it and learn how to communicate with it and through it. Spend some time with it, saying “Give me a Yes” and watching how it swings. Up/down? Left/right? Clockwise or counterclockwise? Then ask it to “Give me a No” and also “Give me an I Don’t Know”. Learn the subtle ways it speaks to you. Each pendulum may be different.

When using a crystal or gemstone pendulum, always cleanse its energy before a session, as crystals tend to hold onto energy and you want to start fresh. You can either dip it gently in fresh running water, cover it gently with sea salt for a moment, or leave it in direct sunlight or moonlight for 30 minutes if you have the time.

Some ways to use a pendulum:

Energy Healing – to help locate energy blockages through the process of dowsing. Search over your body, a pet’s body, or a family member or friend’s body for where energy is blocked or stagnant. Search through the chakras to see where healing is needed, and use that as a place to start the healing process. Hold the pendulum over the body, slowly moving it around in a meditative state. Allow guidance to come through you, and watch the movement of the pendulum. The way it moves is very personal and individual to the user. It may stop entirely or change direction when it a blockage is encountered.

Guidance – pendulums tap into your intuition to help provide answers to some questions. Your queries need to be phrased as Yes/No questions. Based on the directional answers you have personally assigned to your pendulum, it’s possible to sit quietly with your pendulum, gently asking questions and watching for replies. It may take time to get through to the answers you need, so patience is key.

Pendulum mats can help provide clarity if you choose to work with one. You need to make sure the answers printed on the mat work with you and the pendulum you are currently using.

Finding lost items – sit quietly and focus, using a pendulum mat if desired. Ask your pendulum simple yes/no questions and use the process of elimination to find where to search. “Are my keys inside this house?” “Are my keys in the living room?” “Are my keys underneath something?” A person expert in working with their pendulum will have good luck with this method.

Spell Candles – Guide to Color Meanings

Spell candles are an extremely useful tool in magick and wicca. Candle magick is a simple way to manifest your intentions into the world. The basics of candle magick start with a candle, essential oils, crystals, and a quiet time to meditate on your intention and charge the candle.

When you burn the candle matters. Spells to bring things into your life are best done during the waxing and full moon. Spells to banish or repel negativity are best done during the waning and new moon.

Choosing the appropriate candle color is critical. Colors have a strong spiritual and emotional anchor within us. Choosing a complimentary essential oil to anoint the candle with is also extremely helpful. Using helpful crystals and gemstones in a grid around your candle as you charge and burn it helps to magnify, boost, and push your intention into the universe.

Below is a quick guide to choosing the right color of candle for the right occult intention:

Black – ward off negativity, protect yourself or someone you love, reduce hostility and hate. Complimentary stone is black tourmaline.

Brown – balance, grounding, reconnecting with nature.

Dark Blue – blue is associated with the sea and with water, and as such it represents our emotional health. Dark blue is used for developing emotional strength, easing distress, and removing emotional baggage. Blue can be a very calming influence.

Gold – excellent for use in spells to increase abundance and prosperity.

Green – represents nature, richness, and fertility. It can be used to increase abundance, but also to help with spiritual and mental growth. With its connection to nature, it is also useful in tree and plant magick.

Grey – a very neutral and balanced color. Being a mix of black and white, it can be used in many ways. Its coolness can help balance and neutralize strong emotions. Some use its color association with aging hair to help call up on and communicate with their ancestors. It can be used in spells to help yourself go unnoticed and feel concealed. And it also can be used in dream magick.

Lavender – increases optimism and creativity. It can help increase compassion from others when you need to be understood.

Light Blue – associated with healing, wisdom, and patience. Like dark blue it can help soothe emotions and bring a feeling of calm.

Orange – a color of success and good luck. Use it to overcome roadblocks in your life or career, bring about change when needed, and invite exciting opportunities.

Pink – a pure love, nurturing and affectionate. Excellent for spells to increase friendship, connect with loved ones, and strengthen family bonds.

Purple – long associated with royalty, this color is sometimes used for ambitious spells seeking recognition and success. It is also associated with the crown chakra, so it can be used to connect to higher powers and spirit guides.

Red – used to represent love, desire, passion, and seduction. Most commonly used in love spells.

Silver – increases clairvoyance, telepathy, and intuition. Use it to connect to the spiritual realm and see the truth.

White – this color is very versatile and can be used when you aren’t sure what color to choose. It represents purity and truth, and can help you work through conflicts. It can bring peace and unity when used in spells. Alternatively it can be used to call upon angels and spirits for guidance and protection.

Yellow – a bright and cheerful color that can be used in spells to increase happiness and fight depression.

Our Best Selling Wholesale Stickers

Stickers are so fun and colorful! What a wonderful product to have on hand for your customers to browse in your store. Their low price point make for an easy sale, and their whimsical fun appeals to people of all ages.  Below is a list of our bestselling wholesale stickers, ranked by popularity. The best sellers are at the top. Best of all, we don’t require a minimum order for each style!

1. Color Sticker: Hamsa Hand, 4×3.25 inch

2. Color Sticker: Cosmic Crystals, 3×3.5 inch

3. Color Sticker: Magic Mushroom, 4×4 inch

4. Color Sticker: Black Cat Familiar, 2.3×3.9 inch

5. Color Sticker: Hippie Van, 4×2 inch

6. Holographic Sticker: Bottled Crystal, 2.3×4 inch

7. Color Sticker: Moon Magic in a Jar, 4.5×2.5 inch

8. Bumper Sticker: Coexist Rainbow, 7.3 x 2.5 inch

9. Color Sticker: Not All Who Wander, 4×3.2 inch

10. Sticker: Bony Finger Flip, 4×2.6 in

11. Bumper Sticker: What’s Up My Witches, 4.5×2.5 inch

12. Color Sticker: Zodiac Leo, 3×3 inch

13. Color Sticker: Zodiac Pisces, 3×3 inch

14. Color Sticker: Elemental Pentagram, 4×4 inch

15. Holographic Sticker: Celestial Yin Yang, 4×4 inch

16. Color Sticker: We’re All Mad Here, 3.5×4 inch

17. Color Sticker: Highway 420, 4×3.2 inch

18. Color Sticker: Viking Compass Vegvisir, 3 inch

19. Color Sticker: Zodiac Virgo, 3×3 inch

20. Bumper Sticker: Love is Love, 7.5 x 2.75 inch

21. Bumper Sticker: Frequent Stops, 5×3.4 in

22. Color Sticker: Cosmic Butterfly, 3.5×2.5 inch

23. Color Sticker: Zodiac Cancer, 3×3 inch

24. Color Sticker: Wizard Mixed Messages, 4.5×3.4 inch

25. Color Sticker: The Green Man, 3×3 inch

26. Color Sticker: Zodiac Scorpio, 3×3 inch

27. Color Sticker: Mini Rainbow, 3×1.2 in

28. Color Sticker: Zodiac Sagittarius, 3×3 inch

29. Color Sticker: Triple Moon Goddess, 4×4 inch

30. Holographic Sticker: Sugar Skull, 4×2.8 inch

31. Color Sticker: Thor’s Hammer Mjolnir, 2.85×3 inch

32. Color Sticker: I’m Fuck As High, 3×1.8 inch

33. Color Sticker: Tie Dye Peace, 4×4 inch

34. Color Sticker: Blue 3D Sugar Skull, 4.5×3.2 inch

35. Color Sticker: Zodiac Taurus, 3×3 inch

36. Color Sticker: Zodiac Aires, 3×3 inch

37. Color Sticker: Zodiac Capricorn, 3×3 inch

38. Color Sticker: Celtic Tree of Life, green, 3×3 inch

39. Color Sticker: Kokopelli, 4.3×2 inch

40. Color Sticker: Good Vibes Only, 4×2.4 inch

41. Holographic Sticker: Blue Morpho Butterfly, 3×2.3 inch

42. Holographic Sticker: Monarch Butterfly, 3×2.15 inch

43. Holographic Sticker: Flower of Life, 3×3 inch

44. Color Sticker: Dream Catcher, 4.75×2.6 inch

45. Color Sticker: Zodiac Aquarius, 3×3 inch

46. Bumper Sticker: Peace text, 7 x 2.35 inch

47. Holographic Sticker: Trippy Leaf, 3×3 inch

48. Color Sticker: Leaf cutout, 4×4 inch

49. Holographic Sticker: The All Seeing Eye, 2×3 inch

50. Color Sticker: Zodiac Gemini, 3×3 inch

51. Color Sticker: Celestial Whale, 4×2.5 inch

52. Holographic Sticker: The Moon, 4×4 inch

53. Holographic Sticker: Love Potion, 2.3×4 inch

54. Color Sticker: Love Peace Joy, 4×3.3 inch

55. Holographic Sticker: Tiger Swallowtail, 2.8×2.4 inch

56. Color Sticker: Chakra Mandala, 3.5 inch

57. Color Sticker: Metatron’s Cube, 3 inch

58. Color Sticker: Zodiac Libra, 3×3 inch

59. Color Sticker: The Caterpillar vintage print, 4×5 inch

60. Color Sticker: Happy Moon, 4×4 inch

61. Holographic Sticker: Get Off My Tail, 4×4 inch

62. Holographic Sticker: Gold Hamsa, 3.5 inch

63. Color Sticker: Day of the Dead Lady, 4.4×2.7 inch

64. Color Sticker: Peace Mandala, 3×3 inch

65. Color Sticker: Sugar Skull & Bones, 3.5×2.78 inch

66. Color Sticker: 420 Clock, 2×3.7 inch

67. Color Sticker: Rainbow Peace, 4×4 inch

68. Holographic Sticker: Om Mandala, 4×4 inch

69. Holographic Sticker: Bottle of Stars, 2.4×3 inch

70. Color Sticker: Chill Buddha, 4×4 inch

71. Bumper Sticker: Mind Your Aura, 6×1.3 in

72. Color Sticker: Bee Happy, 2.3×3 inch

73. Color Sticker: Golden Pentagram, 4×4 inch

74. Bumper Sticker: Be The Change, 6×2 inch

75. Sticker: Hand Flipping the Finger, 3.75×2.9 in

76. Bumper Sticker: Make Love Not War, 7×2 inch

77. Color Sticker: Happy Sun, 4×4 inch

78. Bumper Sticker: Long Strange Trip, 7×2.25 inch

79. Color Sticker: The Devil Made Me Do It, 3×3 inch

80. Bumper Sticker: Always Find Joy, 6×2 inch

81. Bumper Sticker: I Am More Than Enough, 6×2 inch

Wholesale Best Sellers: WildBerry Incense

Aaaah, WildBerry! The best-selling incense brand in America!

With over 90 fragrances to choose from, it can be a bit daunting picking out what you want to sell in your store. If you order one of our starter kits, it will automatically come with the top sellers.

But for those store owners and buyers who want to pick their own fragrances, here is a list of the best selling WildBerry incense sticks, in order of popularity. Keep in mind, these will be the best sellers for WildBerry cones, mini sticks, and scented oils as well.

Rank, Fragrance Name (starting with the most popular at the top)

1. Dragons Blood

2. Peace of Mind

3. Fizzy Pop

4. Patchouli

5. Ocean Wind

6. Cherry Vanilla

7. Fresh Rain

8. Egyptian Musk

9. Wizard

10. Sandalwood

11. Fairy Dust

12. Tranquility

13. Vanilla

14. Coconut

15. Frankincense

16. Opium

17. Blueberry Blast

18. King Cake

19. Lavender

20. Desert Sage

21. Champa Flower

22. Egyptian Cotton

23. Cinnamon

24. Sage & Santo

25. China Rain

26. Jasmine

27. Brown Sugar Oatmeal

28. Apple Crisp

29. Honeysuckle

30. Queen of the Nile

31. Magic Garden

32. Shooting Star

33. Raspberry Rose

34. Myrrh

35. Clarity

36. Wild Honey

37. Carnival

38. Cotton Candy

39. Rose

40. Strawberry

41. Blend 22

42. Mango Passion

43. Pumpkin Spice

44. Tibetan Orchid

45. Eclipse

46. Musk

47. Nirvana

48. Sweet Pea

49. India Moon

50. Harlequin

51. Sea Breeze

52. Lilac

53. Latin Lover

54. Sensuality

55. Yin Yang

56. Baking Brownies

57. Sugar Cookie

58. Havana Blue

59. Voodoo

60. Orange Creamsicle

61. Good Earth

62. Peach

63. Zen

64. Pineapple

65. Awapuhi

66. Mulberry

67. Amber

68. Fantasia

69. Eucalyptus

70. Horizon

71. Pear Vanilla

72. Love Shack

73. Mountain Heather

74. Cherry

75. Pounding Surf

76. Isis

77. Melon

78. Shangri-La

79. Sunshine

80. Green Apple

81. Arabian Night

82. Clove

83. Simmering Cider

84. Evergreen

85. Gingerbread

86. Forest Dew

87. Rum Raisin

88. Bayberry

89. Summer Day

90. Prairie Sage

91. Root Beer

92. Royal Violet

93. Carmen Miranda’s Hat

94. Polo Crest

95. Christmas Kiss

96. Candy Cane

97. Fiesta Lime

98. LEMON Citronella

99. LAVENDER Citronella

100. Rugged Leather

Essential Oil Blends

The market for essential oils is booming. Their soft, natural strength is something people reach for when they are stressed out, overwhelmed, or in need of soothing. It’s something people will tend to impulse buy if they see an appealing blend available in a store they are already shopping in. So it’s a wonderful product to have on hand.

Our new essential oil blends are all natural (of course!) and pre-diluted to a low 2% intensity that is ready to wear and use. Essential oils that are uncut are too intense to be placed directly on the skin, and need to be diluted or cut with a neutral plant based oil.

We dilute ours with all natural fractionated coconut oil. The original coconut scent is removed, so it doesn’t interfere with the natural essential oil fragrances. It’s shelf stable for a long time, absorbs well into the skin, and is very hydrating and gentle. Unlike almond and argan oil, it is safe for people with nut allergies.

New Wildberry Backflow Cones!

Great news! The Wildberry incense company has expanded their selection of backflow cones to twelve fragrances! A huge upgrade over the original four scents.

Check out the amazing scents:

What are backflow cones? They are made in a special shape, with a hollow core. When used with a backflow incense burner, the smoke will pour downward through the hollow core, giving a waterfall like effect. Wildberry’s backflow cones are significantly larger than their regular cones, to allow for this hollow core.

We have a great starter kit for the Wildberry backflow cones available! It contains everything you need to get started with them in your store, including the classic wooden display.