Spell Candles – Guide to Color Meanings

Spell candles are an extremely useful tool in magick and wicca. Candle magick is a simple way to manifest your intentions into the world. The basics of candle magick start with a candle, essential oils, crystals, and a quiet time to meditate on your intention and charge the candle.

When you burn the candle matters. Spells to bring things into your life are best done during the waxing and full moon. Spells to banish or repel negativity are best done during the waning and new moon.

Choosing the appropriate candle color is critical. Colors have a strong spiritual and emotional anchor within us. Choosing a complimentary essential oil to anoint the candle with is also extremely helpful. Using helpful crystals and gemstones in a grid around your candle as you charge and burn it helps to magnify, boost, and push your intention into the universe.

Below is a quick guide to choosing the right color of candle for the right occult intention:

Black – ward off negativity, protect yourself or someone you love, reduce hostility and hate. Complimentary stone is black tourmaline.

Brown – balance, grounding, reconnecting with nature.

Dark Blue – blue is associated with the sea and with water, and as such it represents our emotional health. Dark blue is used for developing emotional strength, easing distress, and removing emotional baggage. Blue can be a very calming influence.

Gold – excellent for use in spells to increase abundance and prosperity.

Green – represents nature, richness, and fertility. It can be used to increase abundance, but also to help with spiritual and mental growth. With its connection to nature, it is also useful in tree and plant magick.

Grey – a very neutral and balanced color. Being a mix of black and white, it can be used in many ways. Its coolness can help balance and neutralize strong emotions. Some use its color association with aging hair to help call up on and communicate with their ancestors. It can be used in spells to help yourself go unnoticed and feel concealed. And it also can be used in dream magick.

Lavender – increases optimism and creativity. It can help increase compassion from others when you need to be understood.

Light Blue – associated with healing, wisdom, and patience. Like dark blue it can help soothe emotions and bring a feeling of calm.

Orange – a color of success and good luck. Use it to overcome roadblocks in your life or career, bring about change when needed, and invite exciting opportunities.

Pink – a pure love, nurturing and affectionate. Excellent for spells to increase friendship, connect with loved ones, and strengthen family bonds.

Purple – long associated with royalty, this color is sometimes used for ambitious spells seeking recognition and success. It is also associated with the crown chakra, so it can be used to connect to higher powers and spirit guides.

Red – used to represent love, desire, passion, and seduction. Most commonly used in love spells.

Silver – increases clairvoyance, telepathy, and intuition. Use it to connect to the spiritual realm and see the truth.

White – this color is very versatile and can be used when you aren’t sure what color to choose. It represents purity and truth, and can help you work through conflicts. It can bring peace and unity when used in spells. Alternatively it can be used to call upon angels and spirits for guidance and protection.

Yellow – a bright and cheerful color that can be used in spells to increase happiness and fight depression.